Waco Africa Human Resources Development (Pty) T/A Waco Training Academy forms part of Waco Africa Pty Ltd that is part of the Waco International Holdings Pty Ltd group.

Waco Africa embarked on a strategy to convert the ad-hoc training facilities of three divisions into a professional Training Academy that services the gap in the industry with the following benefits

We are true specialists in Health and Safety, Access Services, Falsework and Leadership training. All of our training courses are of a practical nature and provide skills that are easy to implement back in the work environment. Our courses are specifically aimed at those with little or no knowledge as well as those that are looking to enhance their existing skills or qualifications plus those that are required to comply by their trade or industry.


A dynamic, vibrant and professional team of Administrators, Instructors, Moderators, Assessors, Consultants and Subject Metter Experts (SMEs), and we are pleased to be able to offer a very comprehensive range of training and assessments for construction and construction allied industries.


Waco Africa Training Academy (WTA) supplies Quality Training and Skills Development Solutions, including Mentoring and Coaching services, to the construction and other related industries. We are able to service clients countrywide and in large parts of Africa with our wide network of instructors and partners.


  1. Small Classes – We give you the attention you deserve during your courses, so you don’t get lost in the crowd
  2. Practical Learning – We have mock structures within our centre to make your courses as realistic as possible
  3. Experienced – We give you the DIY know how to ensure you are confident when you start your new career or when you execute on job-site task.
  4. After Course Support – Simply give us a call and we will help you through your field work challenge, as we want you to be successful.
  5. Competent Instructors – Certified, qualified and experienced, they bring real life scenarios to all of our courses so we deliver real quality.
  6. Personalised – Committed to you and your organisation’s individual training journey.


WTA is the premiere choice in training and skills development and educational advancement for individuals and companies in the international construction and other related industries. WTA provides innovative and creative opportunities for construction skills development, job training, continuing education, and educational growth throughout international related industries.


Ensure that all training (internally and externally) is provided, funded and recorded in such a way as to gain maximum credit for BEE points for Waco Africa while maintaining standards and quality in delivering service to all divisions of Waco Africa as well as external customers.


  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Expertise
  • Individual Sector Knowledge
  • Respect all individuals, partners and clients
  • Working as a team


  • Building lasting working relationships with our clients by providing them with quality service and training.
  • Creating successful partnerships with the relevant Training Authorities, all our business units and all our customers throughout the course development process.
  • Compiling training programmes in conjunction with our subject matter experts as well as industry role players to ensure that they are aligned to the construction and other related industries.
  • Creating an environment where workers and staff engage in meaningful employment and career paths.

The following mission success factors are a priority

  • A well-managed and cost-effective process of the phasing of the total training plan.
  • Effective management and control measures on all levels.
  • A sound and effective training program.
  • Cost effectiveness and sound financial management.
  • Effective Sales and Marketing.
  • Excellent resources management.
  • Superior leadership.
  • Effective teamwork principles.
  • Effective operational and working procedures and manuals.