It’s our job to work with industry to encourage training which helps build a safe, professional and fully qualified workforce. We take pride in everything we do, from our non-accredited training courses right through to qualification-based courses.


However, we are aware that not everyone is seeking a qualification but we continue to ensure that even these courses are taught by qualified instructors so you are assured that you are treated with the same dedication as those training for qualifications.

Our solutions are offered in any of the following modes

public trainings

Public Training

We schedule short courses that are 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days long and open to the public at large. Most of these highly interactive programmes are presented from our site so as to enable the delegates to perform experience the practical element of the training.

in-house training

In-House Training

These are onsite training programmes offered at your premises and tailored to your specific needs. In most instance you determine the training duration. The client is required to provide facilities for conducting the practical practices.

online training

Online Training

We are developing a range of online learning programmes for future rollout. These will present access to time flexible and travel free training.