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Learnership Tax Rebates and Benefits for Companies Simplified

Encouraging Skills Development:

  • Promoting the acquisition of new skills.
  • Fostering job creation through enhanced workforce capabilities.

  • Providing Additional Tax Deductions:

  • Offering extra tax deductions for formal SETA-registered training programs.

  • There are two primary types of deductions available:

    Annual Allowance

  • Granted to the employer in any given year when a learner is a party to a registered learnership agreement.

  • Completion Allowance

  • Awarded in the year the learner successfully completes the learnership, as a one-time deduction in addition to the annual allowance.

  • New Legislation
    Previous Legislation
    Person without disability
    NQF 1-6: R40,000
    NQF 1-6: R30,000
    NQF 7-10: R20,000
    NQF 7-10: R30,000
    Person with disability
    NQF 1-6: R60,000
    NQF 1-6: R50,000
    NQF 7-10: R50,000
    NQF 7-10: R50,000

  • Granted once, in addition to the annual allowance.
  • Deductible in the year the learner successfully completes the learnership.
  • Requires submission of ample proof of completion to SARS.
  • For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    We are ready to guide you through the process.


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